Mid Week Match-Up: Truck For Nathan

is Wednesday, so that means time for another episode of our reader’s favorite game of pin the tail on the donk —  Mid Week Match-Up!  This week’s MWMU request comes from Nathan who writes:

I have been feeling the need for a truck. I am a Vermonter and my
current ride is a 2007 Saab 9-3 Aero SportCombi with a light tune
(320hp, 360lbft) which has been equal parts reliable and fun, with
multiple Jeeps over the years on the side. As a home-owner and avid DIY
guy it would be so much easier to have a vehicle with a useful bed and
medium duty towing abilities. I have plans to replace a bunch of
clapboard siding, haul/tow a trailer to transport materials (yards of
stone/fill/building materials), appliances/etc, and hopefully drag an
old motorcycle or two home while I am at it. I am a fairly staunch ‘row
your own’ driver with a love for forced compression. I would also like
this vehicle to have 4wd and reasonable off-road prowess. Enough here to
rule out basically everything on the market in stock form? Probably. I
have been shopping for manual, V6 Tacomas of the lightly used variety
(2012+) but good examples with reasonable mileage-price combos are

Similarly, the 3.5L Ecoboost F-150’s are a tempting
alternative (I could probably forgo the manual for a well dressed FX4
twin scroll) but also seem to be priced sky high. The F-series would
need a light lift in order to go anywhere off pavement to boot. The
current gen truck market is a bitter pill for the budget conscious buyer
right now. In light of that I have also been shopping for Jeep CJ-8
Scramblers (AMC 258 min engine requirement), late 70’s Cherokee’s (4
barrel 360 or 401’s preferred), 7.3L F-series trucks, early K20’s, and
all other manner of sweet old trucks which have double the character and
half the price. All over the board you say? Makes perfect sense to
me…. Am I overlooking something? Any ideas?

DT E-i-C Vince: For my money I’m going to recommend that you keep the Saab as a daily driver, but pick up something cheap that can go offroad and head to Home Depot.  Expect to spend some time wrenching per mile on the road, but you could probably get away with driving an ex-military vehicle like this 1973 Pinzgauer 710M bidding here on eBay for $11,800 reserve-not-met with 2 days to go, located in Wexford, PA.

What do you recommend? Comments below.