Mid Week Match-Up: Three Pedals For PhiLOL

Todays Mid Week Match-Up request comes from DT contributing writer PhiLOL who writes: Life is short, and I’m bored with my car. My budget is
around $6,500. Mrs. PhiLOL has already given her blessing to a healthy
NB Miata, which would surely meet my needs. That said, this price point
is home to everything from LT1 Corvettes to Integra GSRs to 944s, and I
wanted to make sure I wasn’t overlooking something wonderful.  Non-negotiable: four wheels, three pedals. Preferred: at least as safe as an NA Miata (so rickshaws are out of the question). Bonus: a back seat.

 Other considerations: Of the four cars I’ve owned, the most
powerful had around 130 horsepower (not against having more, but it
isn’t required). Rust is my reality. Gas is cheap in Missouri. If you
don’t see a good example of a certain car near me (St. Louis), just post
it as a suggestion anyway. I have a garage. Autocross looks like fun.
I’m looking to buy in a few weeks, and I’ll probably have the car for about two years.  Is Miata always the answer?

E-i-C Vince: I think that the answer here is to pickup something classic but driveable, like this 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI here on eBay bidding for $4,600 with 4 days to go.  You get to drive a legend every day and it likely be worth more 5-10 years later.  What do you think PhiLOL should buy? Comments below.