Mid Week Match-Up: Stick It To The Man

It is April 15th, so you have a few precious hours to finish digesting the estimated 70,000 pages of information (most of those come from additional helpful guides, but the core tax code is around 4,000 pages) necessary to hack off the third of your income that must be given unto Caesar. Coincidentally, it is also Wednesday, so that means time for Daily Turismo’s mid week match-up, and today you are going to find the best cars to stick it to the man.

Grey market, diesel title, surplus army tank — whatever floats your boat, but just be careful when you are sticking it to the man, that it doesn’t land you in a jail cell where the man sticks you.  My vehicle of choice is this 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser offered here on eBay for $11,900 buy-it-now or make-offer, located in Las Vegas, NV.  Not only is this thing the 12H-T turbo diesel but it is also right hand drive (originally from Japan).  It is ready for a fire breathing V8 swap that isn’t necessary legal in California, but the diesel title means it is free from smog inspection or testing.

What would you buy? Comments below.