Mid Week Match-Up: Something for E-i-C Vince

Today’s Mid Week Match-Up comes from the heart.  Seriously.  It is for me…Vince…your humble Editor-in-Chief and Chief-Scribe. I’ve recently sold my 2004 Subaru STI and I need something to drive on a semi-daily basis.  I’ve still got the 94 Roadmaster for kid/lumber/cruising (and 69 Fastback Mustang for classic car duties) but I am looking for something with room for 5 and a manual gearbox. Budget less than $10k please.

A few more requirements in the mix.  I prefer rear wheel drive (done the front drive thing, didn’t like understeer, did the all-wheel-drive thing…missed oversteer…), but it needs to have a manual gearbox and a limited slip diff out back. Quick, fast, racey…yup, needs to be all three.  Less than $10k is a requirement, less than $7500 would be ideal…but for the right car I’d pay a premium. I prefer stock (at least stock looking) vehicles, but I will drive modified machines as long as they can pass California’s smog laws (pre-1975 is good…).  Reliability is overrated.  But I don’t want to buy a pinless hand grenade (no Maserati Bi-Turbos, please).  2-doors, 4-doors, 5-doors, who cares….as long as I can shove 3 kids in the back row. 

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Put ’em below.