Mid Week Match-Up: Snow Bound

It is Wednesday already, so that means time for another Mid Week Match-Up (TM)! As mid October comes upon us, the realities of the snow fall in states that end with akota become clear in many folk’s minds.  Soon, garages will be locked up as classics are kept away from the salt and destructive elements, but perhaps a few owners find themselves short a garage spot.  Is this the time to cut a deal?  Find us the best snow state cars for export (and resale?) in sunny climates to the South, East or West under $10k.

With the end of convertible season quickly approaching this 1974 Triumph Spitfire offered for $5,500 in Boise, ID should be ripe for picking.  The repaint in French Blue looks well done and could have easily cost the asking price in this beauty. Right before the first major winter storm, hit the seller with a low ball offer and send this car to a coast for a healthy profit.

What would you buy? Comments below.