Mid Week Match-Up: Six Seats for Scirocconut

This week’s Mid Week Match-Up, victim is Scirocconut who asks DT to help him find a 6-passenger car for his growing family.  Help me find the minivan/ wagon/ SUV of my dreams! With the arrival of baby number two, our beloved 2013 Honda Fit is a just a bit too small and my dearly beloved 2001 VW Golf comes up well under par as well. We want to replace the mighty VW with something that can haul the four of us and the occasional grandparent or two. Biggest priority: not that big — No land yachts or paramilitary SUVs! Ideally, we’d like the smallest, nimblest thing that can hold 6 people (two of them in car seats). And, Vince, please don’t try to sell me your Roadmaster.

First off, Scirocconut (if that’s your real name) the only way you will get the Roadmaster key is from my cold, dead, greasy hand…and I really don’t think I’d wish the fuel economy of an LT1 V8 hauling around 4,500 lbs of American steel on anyone with small children (10 mpg…THINK OF THE CHILDREN…oh yeah, they’ll have to pay for their own gas).  Anyway…this 2012 Mazda5 Sport here on eBay bidding for $1,050 with 4 days to go is the correct answer to the person who wants a small minivan that gets good fuel economy.  The Mazda5 might have sliding rear doors, but it is truely car sized without the added mass and thirsty V6 fuel economy that dominates the people carrier class.

What is a better small people hauler for less? Comments below.