Mid Week Match-Up: Sensible Speed

It is Wednesday so that means another time for a Mid Week Match-Up (TM)! Last week we tried to find a cheap truck for a guy named Joe, but today we look for a fast family sedan that makes sense.  It is easy to get into a decent EVO/STi for $15k, but you end up overweight with all the energy drinks you have to consume, and there is the ever present danger of cranial distress due to flat brimitis (several real internet doctors have confirmed this is a real thing).  You could also buy a used Audi S8, but you’ll probably end up spending more on maintenance then Lewis Hamilton does on earrings. What we are looking for today is a speed and sensible sedan for about $15k out the door.

The easiest thing for a German car fan is to find the nearest BMW 335i with a 6-speed manual gearbox, like this one offered for around $16,500 in Woodland Hills, CA.  What would you buy with your money? Comments below.