Mid Week Match-Up: Seeking A LuxoBarge

Today’s Mid Week Match-Up comes from DT reader SeekingLuxoBarge who writes:

wanna spend roughly 10k on a used luxury car. What are my best choices?
It wont be my only vehicle, I don’t mind doing my own maintenance, I
understand that things break and parts are expensive, I have a decent
set of tools, and a garage to work in. Common sense says I should get a
Camry/Accord and be done with it, but people on Craigslist seem to
overvalue them. Just trying to find something that will give a nice
smooth ride on the days I have to take the kids to school. 

My only requirements is that it’s an automatic. I would prefer a manual, but I feel I should get an auto so my wife could also drive it in a pinch. Her learning manual is not on the table, no use barking up that tree.

As I’m closing in on purchasing my dream Porsche
997, I’ve still got small, occasionally carsick kids I need to take to
school and activities on occasion.

Since I’ve
got the sporty side of things covered, I’m looking to trade my bouncy
and no longer useful truck for a luxury car to drive on days that I need
to haul a family, or travel long distances. It would also be nice to
have a car that I could drive when the weather is gross, or when I want
to go somewhere that I would worry about leaving a fancy-pants car

Current prospects are:

Y50 Infiniti M35/45, or maybe a G35

E60 BMW 528/530

Lexus LS 430 / GS300

Possibly a W211 E class?

and before anyone suggests a Panther, I have owned 3 (83,89,06) and don’t really care for the newer ones. 



(DT Ed Vince) I’m going to go out on the proverbial tree branch over here and suggest something luxury that is neither German nor Japanese — but ‘Merican.  Whereas Cadillac went all Nurburgring lap time idiocy with their CTS-V, and Lincoln jumped the shark with the skate styling, only Chrysler continues to produce the kind of floaty luxo-boats that are comfortable to drive and somewhat impressive to see (but you gotta like chrome).  You can almost get into an Chrysler 300C SRT8 for $10k, especially if you find one with nasty wheels and high miles (KBB lists a 2006 SRT8 version for around $12k from a private party)– and you’ll thank me for the 425 horsepower and 420 ft-lbs of torque V8 later.  If you want to get gas mileage into the teens, you’ll need to back down to a standard 300C with its 5.7 liter Hemi V8 that pushes out 340 horsepower and 390 ft-lbs of torque.  Spring for a version with the SRT Design (sort of like /M Sport package or F-Sport) version, like this one offered for $12,500 buy-it-now. 

What would you recommend?  Comments below.