Mid Week Match-Up: A Ride for the Professor

The Coffee Brake feature where we asked our readers to help match a car to a person’s requirements was so successful that we’ve decided to make it a permanent feature and allow Coffee Brake to go back to being a random collection of EIC Vince’s mad libs style ramblings.  Today, we are looking to help find a car for a person who we will just call Eddie, but he is a university professor who needs a weekend car.

Eddie currently daily drives a 2000 era Volkswagen Passat wagon but he used to own/drive a Jaguar XJS for a considerable number of miles.  Maintenance costs were brutal even with a trusty Jaguar mechanic and he sold the car a few years ago.  Today, the itch for a weekend or occasional driver has hit and Eddie is looking for something in the $15k price range.  Current requirements are not specific other than automatic transmission and something that won’t kill him with maintenance. What should he get? 

Comments below.


Image credit brianac37 via flickr creative commons.