Mid Week Match-Up: Replace The Goat

It is Wednesday so that means another time for a Mid Week Match-Up (TM)! Steve is a Chicago resident and everyday reader of DT and recently
sold THE GOAT, his rusty, trusty and much loved Toyota 4Runner. In his
own words, “I loved that car but a number of terminal afflictions,
mainly middle-age and parenthood, got in the way of me using it
regularly.”  Even though THE GOAT was as reliable as taxes and winter,
It just got a little too rough to be ferrying the kids to little league,
school plays, language school and his wife’s snobby friend’s houses.
Plus, it need a number of amenity fixes (AC, door locks, upholstery)
that just didn’t look good on the P&L statement.  Help find Steve a new ride!

Steve is looking for a 5-Speed (no slushboxes jack
wagon!), 4WD or AWD, 4-cylinder preferred (but will consider 6-bangers)
utility vehicle that’s not too soft and maybe, just maybe has a little
style. 4-doors are preferred but will make the right 2-door work. Open
to well maintained high-mileage vehicles and completely oddball
selections but a certain amount of reliability, civilized appearance and
AC is necessary as he wishes to remain married and avoid dirty stares
from other parents. I’d like to spend $8000 or less.

All that said, if there’s a crazy ass all terrain
vehicle out there that will get his kids to school during the next polar
vortex, feel free to suggest.  No mini-vans.

Steve was nice enough to provide us with pictures and even write most of the above words…so…we found his next ride.

This 1992 ARO 244 is offered for $5,000 in Hazleton, PA via craigslist.  It features the unbeatable combination of Romanian build quality, Hella fog lamps and a Ford Ranger 4-cylinder engine.  Sure, the brakes don’t work, tires are probably dry-rotted and it has some rust, but just look at it!!

What do you suggest for Steve? Comments below.

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