Mid Week Match-Up: A Ramp Truck For SlowBoy

Today’s Mid Week Match-Up request comes from SlowBoy who writes: I need a ramp truck. Road kill bought a sweet one for $3500. Classic Motorsports evidently got one, a nice 73 Ford for $2500. I really want one that isn’t a rust bucket. I’m ok with topping their budgets, but I don’t want to get red flakes in my eyes when I slide underneath to replace the fuel pumps.  

This thing might end up costing a bit when the auction ends, but this 1994 Ford Superduty Ext-Cab F-350 Hodges 18′ Ramp Truck Car Hauler found here on eBay is bidding for $4,300 with 4 days to go.  It isn’t a classic hauler (yet) but it looks cool and will get the job done.  Can you find something better? Comments below.