Mid Week Match-Up: Quiet Ride For Zach

Today’s Mid Week Match-Up is a request from tipper Zach who writes: DT commentariat – I am in need of your wise council –  It
has been requested that we procure a more quiet car, as my wife can’t
hear what our daughter is saying from the back seat.  Sure, our daughter
could speak up a bit, but it’ll be hard to undo that decade of
Norwegian death metal cranked to 11 that was indulged in (or something
approximating that).  We’ve got a ’95 Saab 9000 Aero and a ’92 Volvo
245.  The 245 never was the quietest car (queue my shock going back to a
244 at how quiet it was), and while I don’t think the Saab is bad, with
the ingredients I’ve mentioned above, she has a hard time hearing.  So
what would you recommend?  My wife’s initial suggest was a Prius.  I’m
somewhat agnostic on the whole thing, and also saddened at the thought
of parting with the 245 (did I mention the ’66 Amazon rolling
restoration / daily driver I picked up a while back?  we don’t need three cars and an old (and not-quiet) RV).  So something ‘lectric?  Something ‘Yota-derived? Budget $10k max.

DT E-i-C Vince: I’m going to suggest a post 2000 era Volkswagen/Audi product, such as this 2008 Audi A4 with the 2.0T 4-banger here on eBay bidding on eBay for $4,050 with 4 days to go. These things are so well put together…although I’m not confident that Audi ever fixed their coil pack issues.  Somebody asked if the Geo Metro had the best selling 3-cylinder engine ever, and my first thought was — I’m pretty sure that award goes to the 1.8T (zing!).  Anyway, if you want a car that isn’t as loud as an old Volvo, I don’t think you need to go full retard with a Prius — just back it down a notch and get something post 2000 model year with a decent amount of sound deadening (not a Focus, for instance).

What do you recommend for Zach? Comments below.