Mid Week Match-Up: A Pre-War Sporster For W. Neff

Today’s  Mid Week Match-Up request comes from W. Neff who writes:

As a city dweller with limited access to vandal-free off-street
parking, I am seeking the most pragmatic choice of automobile: a cheap
prewar sporting car. Open cockpit is preferred. I’m not small of
stature, either (6’4″/ 270lbs) so spaciousness would be very helpful (I
have been able to squeeze in a MGB without many issues, though a first
generation Miata was extremely uncomfortable). No projects are sought;
it should be running and driving properly. Cosmetics are not a concern
of mine. In fact, I am looking for something characterful. My budget
would be $20K and south (preferably around $15K).

a desire has been instilled through watching YouTube videos ( a true
tempter of man) of a peculiarly British form of motorsport: trials. See here and here.  Other
uses would be general touring, perhaps some rallies. Therefore, the
retrofitting of some basic modern safety equipment (seat belts) is
desirable, and I would like it to have enough power to safely use in the
slow lane of the highway (45-50mph cruising). While my dream is to have
a prewar Invicta S-Type or
Lagonda or Alvis that would be passing vehicles on I-684 in the left
lane in a display of lunacy, my budget is severely lacking.

Austin 7 and Model A specials are probably the default choice, though surely there are other options out there

DT: For my money I’d consider importing this 1929 Renault KZ3 found here on eBay offered for $12,000 buy-it-now located in Waterloo, Belgium. The original 2.1 liter 4-cylinder under the hood was rated at 35 horsepower from the factory, so it should be able to reach freeway speeds given a long enough on-ramp.  What do you suggest for W. Neff?  Comments below.