Mid Week Match-Up: An Off-Roader For The Mexican 1000

Today’s Mid Week Match-Up comes from Ropey who writes: So this is the deal. I want to do the
Mexican 1000. Not the Baja 1000, but the ostensibly vintage version of
the race put on by NORRA in April. To some extent, I don’t care what I
do it in … a Baja bug, rail, truck, rally car any thing as long as
it’s old school and cool and street legal. And not a Bronco. Don’t care
about winning anything (until the green flag drops), but would rather
not drag my car all the way down to Mexico to spend three days trying to
fix it by the side of the track, so it needs to be non-fragile. Lets
spend as little as possible, say $10k, or up to $15k for something
really stand out. $20k tops. See how my usual car buying process goes
…? Oh, I’m in the PNW, so something west coast would be convenient.

DT E-i-C Vince: If it was my money, I’d pickup this Ford Bronco that has been race prepped and is ready to run — find it here on RacingJunk.com for $19,500 located in Phoenix, AZ.

What do you guys think Ropey should get? Comments below.