Mid Week Match-Up: IROC for Sean

Welcome back to another episode of DT’s Mid Week Match-Up — a feature that is more interesting than a Republican primary debate moderated by Ali G.  This week’s request comes from Sean S who writes:

Ok,  First of all I know this is just stupid but I can’t help it. I
am a middle age yuppie who should just keep it cool but I have desires.  I need the DTers help. Please help me find the perfect IROC-Z OR…..TALK ME OUT OF IT. I must be having a mid-life crisis. I
should know better than to buy a late 80s american car but I can’t stop
looking at Camaros and fox body Mustangs from my high school days. 

the cool kids had these cars. I just found my Swatch and a Master of Puppets tape at my parents house. Might be perfect for rockin’ an Iroc. I
would prefer no t-tops and a 5 speed but am open to suggestions. Is
this just a bad idea? If I get one can I throw a keg party with a pallet
bonfire and G N’ R blaring on some 6x9s ? Will my wife leave me? I
don’t know.
  So far I have found this one somewhat local to me and in a good price range.

DT E-i-C Vince: Yes, your wife might leave you, but this is the price of greatness…and the best part is that these cars are CHEAP to buy nowadays.  Check out this 1987 IROC Z28 here on eBay bidding for $5,000 in excellent condition with only 51k miles on the clock. 

What kind of Italian Royalty Out Cruising can you find for Sean?  Comments below.