Mid Week Match-Up: Help Collin Trade His BMW 540i 6-Spd

This week’s Mid Week Match-Up is going to have a twist.  Not only do you have to find the perfect car for Collin, but you also need to find someone who will accept his E39 BMW 540i 6-spd on trade…sounds easy right?  Interestingly enough, craigslist is littered with other folks also willing to trade for another car instead of cold, hard cash….maybe you are one of them?  Help Collin find a trade for this BMW.

Collin also posted this car up on jalopnik’s opposite lock forum, where he says he is just looking for a guy with a 911 and a baby.  Seriously though, what single woman isn’t looking for a dude with a 911 and a baby…wait…what?  Oh…to trade his car…right…not for that.  Regardless this 540i with 6-speed is one of those rare fun family cars that doesn’t cost an arm/leg and looks good too.  What should Collin’s next car be?  Comments below.