Mid Week Match-Up: Hauler For Slowboy

Welcome to another edition of Mid Week Match-Up, where a bunch of random strangers give advice, we pimp our own vehicles for mad profit (spoiler alert: we don’t) and everybody wins. Today’s MWMU request comes from DT commenter Slowboy who writes:

Alright, I’ve got one for you the next time you’re in need of some
material. I really want a new parts hauler. My e90 daily has a pretty
dismal trunk, and it’s rather thirsty for what it is. I want something
unique, economical to drive, and either at the bottom of the
depreciation curve or on the way back up the opposite side. 

trunk/bed/elcaminoization must be big enough to carry a big BMW straight
six and/or the whole of a disassembled motorcycle. Towing capacity to
take my wankle MGB to  a race track (or at least a different garage so I
could repair it) would be nice, it’s a 2000 pound car, and a trailer
might be another thousand. Sounds like a Citroën CX to me, but I want to
get opinions.

DT Ed Vince: For my money, I’d pickup this 1961 Willys Jeep custom 4×4 pickup powered by a Ford V6 engine found here on eBay for $2,200 buy-it-now, located in Spearfish, SD.  I’d buy this car, just to say I had a car from town called Spearfish, but as a bonus you get something with Ford V6, vintage coolness and a nice hauling flatbed in the back.

What would you recommend for Slowboy?  Comments below.