Mid Week Match-Up: Future From The Back

This week’s Mid Week Match-Up is inspired by today’s date, Oct 21st, 2015.  Today is the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrive in the future to help save McFly’s son from ending up in prison.  Today for the MWMU we are searching for the car to use in a 2015 remake of Back to the Future for time traveling.  The car needs to hit 88 mph in a reasonable amount of time, and look futuristic. 

My choice is the Tesla Model X, primarily because it has gullwing doors, but also because it comes from an upstart auto manufacturer chaired by a dude with serious personality.  Big thanks to Kaibeezy for the above artist’s rendition.

What car would you suggest as the next BTTF time machine? Comments below.