Mid Week Match-Up: Fun Car For Evan

Welcome back to DT’s Mid Week Match-Up, the contest where the contestants don’t even get a cheap name badge.  Today’s request comes from Evan who writes:

The issue: my wife needs a car. We sold her Saturn Vue a few months ago, good riddance. As a recent breast cancer survivor about to celebrate her 50th birthday she wants something that doesn’t scream “mommy car” like our 2012 Sienna and isn’t as…old as my 1989 Saab 900T convertible.

Her qualifications: small, fun, looks good.

My qualifications: must be fun (and affordable) to own, not just fun to drive. I’ve had plenty of the latter. E46 330ci sounds about right, but there are two Viggen convertibles nearby. I really like the Infiniti G35 6sp, sedan or coupe. Love the 500 Abarth! She likes the Z3. Regular gas. MT preferred but not necessary if the car in question isn’t available with one. As much as I hate to do it, I might have to consider selling the Saab to reduce costs and free up garage space. If that happens, my wife will demand a convertible. Is Miata the answer?

Budget: <$10k, less than $5k would be great!

I’m in southern Oregon; car must generally be located between the Bay Area and Seattle.

What can you guys find?