Mid Week Match-Up: Fresh Kiwi

Today’s Mid Week Match-Up request comes from Philipp and Nora, friends of DT who are traveling around the world like modern day versions of Marco Polo.  After moving anything they couldn’t stuff into a few suitcases into long term storage, they left their home in the Alps for a yearlong sabbatical starting in North American and meandering south (you can follow their exploits here).  After a stop in Cuba, and various other unsavory exotic Central American locales, they have hitchhiked to Australia where they are living on Kangaroo meat, but the next stop is New Zealand, which is where they need our help.  Philipp and Nora need a camper style van for about $4,000 USD ($5500 NZD) that they can buy, drive/live-in for a few months in New Zealand and then sell when the wind blows in another direction.

I have zero understanding of the New Zealand used car market, so this is 100% up to you guys in the comments.