Mid Week Match-Up: Find a Vert for Stan…the other Stan.

You know how I love to help DT readers.  Right? Okay, maybe not help as much as ridicule, marginalize, and bully…but it’s basically the same thing if you really get to the core.  If you weren’t bullied as a 1st grader, you’d probably still suck your thumb and wear really short jean shorts (the kind that would make Magnum PI cringe)…yeah, Bobby who lived on Fisk Lane and rode a red Schwinn with a banana seat…I’m talking to you.  Anyway, today’s mid week match-up (think of it like ABC’s Bachelorette except somebody will probably die in a fiery crash at the end) is for Stan..the other Stan…who needs a slushbox because his left foot is messed up.  I think Stan should get this 2007 Audi A4 Convertible here on eBay bidding for $3,050 reserve-not-met located in Cave Creek, AZ with 6 days to go.

From Stan:

But I digress.

I need a car that has:

1. A drop top. Because, well, I love verts. Hard top verts get extra bonus points, if they’re quiet.

2. Is automatic (I know, I know… just think of me as your uni-pedal pal Stan…)

3. Has… ready for this? REAR LEGROOM. Because we have a 12 year old daughter, and she is tired of smooching her knees every time we get in the Mustang convertible. That, and she’s going to get this car as her daily driver when she hits 16.


So there ya go. Slushbox convertible with rear legroom.

Oh, and it needs to be newer, as I don’t want all of us to go to Valhalla if we run off the road into a tree.

(Although my wife is pretty keen to meet Thor, so there’s that…)

How’s that for a challenge?

No rush on this. We won’t be buying said chariot for at least a month or so.

It’s only the other 2 (amazing, love-them-to-death-ran-when-parked) cars that I have to unload fast.


-Stan (yeah… *that* Stan…)

Modern Audi vehicles have a fabulous fit/finish to the interior and exterior surfaces…although they are known for their Saab-like electronics and powertrain reliability…so tread carefully and get a reliable mechanic.

What do you think Stan should buy? Comments below.