Mid Week Match-Up: Find A Chinook For Laura

It is the Wednesday, so that means it’s time for another edition of Daily
Turismo’s weekly game of find the tic-tac-scissors also
known as Mid Week Match-Up!  Last week we found the best first project cars, and had a deluge of great suggestions from our readers and craigslisavants.  Regardless, we get sporadic emails from readers asking for a specific car, so this week lets help Laura who lives in Nebraska.  She writes to us:

I had an older 1977-78 Chinook that I LOVED.  I’m looking for another
one as had to sell it some time ago and now have the time to use one. 
Can you help?

Sure.  DT’s readers can help too!

A quick nationwide Chinook search finds a few around, but this 1976 Toyota Chinook offered for $5000 in Stormstown, PA seems like a good start.  It is in decent condition and just got a new Toyota 20R engine, what could be better than that?

If you want to take a risk on a car without photos, there is a cheap ’74 Chinook offered for $1500 in Cecil, WI that only has 34k miles on the odometer.  The Toyota inline-4 should be good for another 250k!!

Help find a Chinook (or suggest an alternative camper) for Laura.  Comments below.