Mid Week Match-Up: Find A Cheap SUV For M

Welcome back to another episode of DT’s favorite game of musical thrones…known better as “Mid Week Match-Up” which is a strange name for a game on Friday, but we aren’t here to talk about that. We are here to talk about DT’s friend, who for the sake of anonymity will be called M.  M isn’t a secret agent, but he does need a car that has a few special needs.  First it must be cheap…like $4,000ish out the door.  Next, it needs to be newish and safe — since this will be the car that M’s wife will get her US driver’s license and learn to drive…so it does need to be automatic and at least 4 seats. Let’s recap– $4k, auto, safe, newish, oh…and located in SoCal, near Long Beach if possible…and it needs to be something that doesn’t trigger the insurance agents to see green (new driver…so no Land Rovers or Lexus LS430s).

 I’m going to suggest this 2002 Honda CR-V offered for $3,800 in Downey, CA via craigslist. It offers the right level of decent miles, ease of driving, and low cost to be a contender. 

What do you recommend for agent M? Comments below.