Mid Week Match-Up: Find A Cheap Driver For Nathan

If you listened to the latest DT Radio Show, you might have heard our guest (who skyped in from Japan) Nathan talk about his experience living and driving on the wrong side of the road.  It has been an interesting extended vacation for Nathan, but it is time to return to the land of freedom fries and unlimited soft drink refills. Nathan will dump the kei-car he has been driving in Japan and need something new for driving around SoCal with his family.

A few things about Nathan, first he is a serious gearhead, capable of fixing anything on wheels (the guy makes MacGyver look like Mary-Kate Olsen) but not a speed junkie, so you can forget the M5/AMG or similar cars, but he isn’t scared of a depreciated luxury sedan that might need a few wrenches turned and prefers his cars cheap, less than $5k (IIRC Nathan was driving an Audi 4000 with 300k miles on the odo that someone gave him before he moved East).  I’d recommend this 1991 Lexus LS400 offered for $3,100 in Spring Valley, CA via craigslist, but I’m sure the DT regulars will find something better.  Search away!