Mid Week Match-Up: Find The Best AMC

It’s Wednesday, so that means it’s time for another edition of Daily Turismo’s better than a Ford GT-40 flying buttress C-pillar game also known as Mid Week Match-Up! Exactly 61 years ago today, (January 14th, 1954) the Hudson Motor Car Company merged with Nash-Kelvinator Corporation to form the American Motors Corporation….which means its time to dust off your searching fingers and find the best AMC product for sale on the interwebs.

My pick is this 1971 AMC Hornet currently bidding for $898 here on eBay with a few hours to go, located in Fredericksburg, VA.  THe Hornet was a simple answer to the complex automotive question and this one has the 304 cubic inch (5.0 liter) V8 mated to an automatic transmission.  Its just a few weekends away from being turned into a Hornet SC/360 clone and Hornets are all but gone from the road today. What would you pick?