Mid Week Match-Up: Fast Sedan For Five

It is Wednesday so that means another time for a Mid Week Match-Up (TM)!  This week we are looking for a $10k-$15k  daily driver for Bozatwork that he can stick 3 kids in the back and hoon everyday.  In his own words:

I appreciate the owners’ perspective shared here. With baby #3 on the
way, the wife is moving to a minivan and I need to sell my E46 ZHP for
something that can accommodate three car seats more easily for the
occasional carpool. I had a distant dream that it might also be
something still mildly fun to drive. Any other suggestions in comparison
to the Cayenne? Trying not to overspend as I do still want a separate
sports car in five years…maybe better just to save the money for that
purchase? Ugh, adulthood.

It’s very hard to look in that
$10-15k price range and decide between boring practicality and fun
enjoyable driving. I wonder if I go cheaper with something ultra boring
(Honda Pilot?) if I can drive it every day until it dies and meanwhile
bank money for a 911. For what it’s worth, I’ve also recently changed
jobs and gone from a 40 mile round trip commute to less than 10 miles
round trip. I’m excited for the peer pressure to get something fun.

As DT’s resident parent of three, I can attest to the need for a sedan that will fit the kids in the back and not cause death from boredom.  This is why God gave us the STi.  Prices haven’t dropped much (actually they crept up) for a 2004-2005 STi in the past 3 years.  $15k will get you a decent stock example in the 75k mile range and with some persistence you might be able to get into a 2006-2007 with a few more miles.  The trick is to find a 100% stock example, like this one, and avoid anything that has a Brrrzrap FMIC, ugly wheels, adult racoon sized turbocharger, or an aftermarket periscope.

Help find a car for Bozatwork, what would you buy with your money?  Comments below.