Mid Week Match-Up: Family Car for Scott

Today’s Mid Week Match-Up is a request from Scott who writes: I have held onto the convertible for too long…with
three young children,  I need something bigger but not quite the minivan
that my wife has. Looking to spend 5-10k. Live in Central Florida.  I need an auto as my wife cant drive stick, would love something
with some kick to it. Something fun as I am giving up the convertible.

When looking for a plus sized sedan with “some kick to it” the easy way to go is to just slide the year of your BMW 5-series starting new at $80k and just back until you find your price point.  This 2005 BMW 545i here on eBay is offered for $8,300 in Rancho Cucamonga, CA…which is a bit of a drive from Central Florida.  There is this blue 2005 545i in Addison, IL, but you can also find them on Orlando’s craigslist, like this 2004 BMW 545i offered for $4,600.

 What do you recommend for Scott?  Comments below.