Mid Week Match-Up: Electrified

It is the Wednesday, so that means it’s time for another edition of Daily
Turismo’s weekly game of don’t get eaten by the rabid chimp, also
known as Mid Week Match-Up!  Everybody says the future is going to be all about electric cars (charged by solar panels or the exothermic sweat/tears of poor people — this is still under debate), but expect some kind of battery and a spinning electric thingy.  This week let’s look for the best sub $5,000 electric cars we can find.

Here we’ve got a few Electric Stinger three wheeled monstrosities being offered by the widow of the builder.  This first one is running/driving and offered for $4,900 buy-it-now, first one needs to be finished and is offered for $3,500 buy-it-now.  Either way you go, this is a whole lot of electric trike for a little bit-o-cash.

What can you find that is powered by electrons for less than five thousand smackeroos.  Comments below.