Mid Week Match-Up: El Cheap Oddball For Me!

So, I’ve got a new (to me!) car that needs various pieces of work — needs new/re-upholstered seats, fix some oil leaks, fix botched paint repair, install flamethrower (it is a BMW, so I’ll also remove the turn signal wiring for weight reduction) — and I’ll need something to drive occasionally for the next few months while this thing is on jack stands in my driveway or at some sketchy low-cost specialist who only works when the moon is full and his wallet is getting empty….which means this week’s Mid Week Match-Up is for DT E-i-C Vince — find me a $1000-$2500 daily driver with a manual gearbox, back seat, and make it weird because I only need it for a few months.

I’m leaning toward this 2000 Honda Insight because it would probably be fun to just drive as fast as you can…and watch traffic still pass you. 

A 2002 Subaru Impreza wagon would be a good choice too…good for hauling around parts for the other project.

This 2002 Ford Focus (stick Gear) seems like a good deal…but the seller nonchalantly states “used by a foreigner” so I assume the radio is stuck playing “don’t stop, BELIEVIN” all the time.

But what I really want is this 1986 Alfa Romeo Milano…which will probably leave me stranded every chance it gets…but uber is cheap…right? 

I’d prefer cars located in the greater SoCal area, but also just looking for ideas, so if you see something elsewhere I don’t mind.  $1000-$2500 budget, 4+ seats, manual gearbox. GO!