Mid Week Match-Up: A Diesel Sedan For Zeke

Today’s Mid Week Match-Up request is from a friend of DT (Zeke) who wants a diesel powered sedan from the 1990s.  Being a resident of the People’s Republic of California means that the car must be 1997 or older because the owner has no interesting in being caught in the dragnet of the draconian smog police, but something newer is preferred for lower maintenance costs and greater comfort.  Help find something diesel, 4-doors, and automatic trans for Zeke in the Southern California area with a budget of around $5k.

This 1997 Mercedes-Benz E300D here on eBay isn’t a bad start, but the customized body work and years in Ohio are certainly negatives when looking for a Benz to drive every day.

This 1991 Mercedes-Benz 350 SDL offered for $3500 is an interesting piece of diesel Benz history, with a 3.5 liter inline-6 version of the OM603 that is turbocharged for extra awesomeness.  Unfortunately the OM603 does have some issues that may or may not have been solved by 200,000 miles, but it is a concern.

What car do you recommend for Zeke? Comments below.