Mid Week Match-Up: A Daily For Vance’s Lady Friend

Todays Mid Week Match-Up request comes from Vance who writes: So my girlfriend is on car number two for the year, a 2007 Subaru
Forester that replaced her 2001 Chrysler Sebring which blew a head
gasket back in January. Now the Forester (approx. 110K miles) is showing
signs of a bad head gasket, despite her “trustworthy” family mechanic
who keeps telling her there is nothing wrong and that she’s worrying too
much (despite me having towed this car to his shop twice while on the
verge of overheating). She really wanted a Subaru and I tried to steer
her away from Subarus for this reason. Instead of totaling yet another
car, I’d like to find her something more reliable. She really likes
small suv’s and wagons. I really just need something reliable that will
stand up to the Texas heat because I’m tired of trying to put band aids
on the gunshot wound that is the bad Subaru head gasket. 4WD/AWD would
be a plus. Something in the 5-6k range, 7k at the most.

E-i-C Vince: How about this 2013 Mazda 5 here on eBay bidding for $6,900 with a few hours to go?  These little Mazda mini-minivans seat 6 people and get decent fuel economy.

What do you guys suggest? Comments below.