Mid Week Match-Up: Daily For Jdah

It is Wednesday, so time for another Mid Week Match-Up, where you get to decide what other people should use to haul around their kids, dogs, and frenemies.  This week we’ve got a request from Jdah, who writes:

I am considering a new daily driver.  I drive an 04 wrx wagon with 140k, my wife drives an 03 wrx with 205k and we have a 01 euro van for long hauls with the kids.

love the wrxes. They are fun to drive in wet or or dry and they have
been Bulletproof. But honestly after 350k miles of wrx I am tired of
them. Also in 5k my wife’s car will need a timing belt and an exhaust

My thinking is to turn the 03 wrx into a Factory 5 track car, give my wife the 04 and get myself a newish car off lease.

Stick and AWD are a must

Car should hold 5 in a pinch

Be fun to drive and reliable

No bmws- nothing against the cars, just the tools who tend to drive them.

Okay…this  1989 Lancia Delta Integrale 16V found here on eBay might be a little out of the price range from the sale of a few 200k mile WReXes, but with a 230 horsepower Evo ECU tune, 5-speed manual, AWD, and ARREST ME looks — this could be a winner.  Unfortunately it is neither “newish”, “off lease”, or remotely “reliable” so I think you guys will need to find something better for Jdah.  Maybe a Golf R32? Audi S4? Comments below.