Mid Week Match-Up: A Coupe For FB

This week’s Mid Week Match-Up comes from reader FB who writes:

My budget is simply here in trade value, I really want a coupe, and I’m Colorado 80525.

settle for another 540i to match the one I recently acquired, simply to
have more diagnosis parts (that, and I’m pretty sure my wife is going
to steal it from me). So far all attempts at contact with others I suspect might be willing to trade have lead to dead ends.

Somewhere between a coupe and a BMW 540i lives something called the BMW 6-series.  Unfortunately BMW didn’t make a 6-series during the time they built the 540i, so you’ll have to go older or newer…of course I’ve picked something older.  This 1977 BMW 630CSi is offered for $1900 in Ft Collins, CO via craigslist.  It likely needs some work to get back on the road, but it seems like a good deal for the asking price.

What do you recommend for around $2200? Comments below.