Mid Week Match-Up: Commuter For Peter

Welcome back to another Mid Week Match-Up feature, where we get together and solve the world’s problems without making a fuss.  It is like a political convention on opposite day.  Today DT reader Peter asks for help:

I can’t figure out what car to buy. I think I have conflicting requirements.
I commute 20,000 miles a year. So reliability and gas mileage are important.

I want to put 100,000 or 150,000 miles on the car.

I have $15,000 to spend.

Most of the time it will be just me in the car.

I want something comfortable and fun too.

Do I need to make sacrifices or are there cars out there for me?

When you’ve got a long commute, it is really hard to justify the V8 swapped Volvo or mint condition ’84 Fiero…so you have to make compromises.  But that doesn’t mean you have to drive some terrible Nissan economy car; instead you can pick up something build by the Germans, like this 2012 Volkswagen GTI with 2.0T and 6spd gearbox, here on eBay offered for $13,000 buy-it-now.  If those 20,000 miles a year includes much stop-n-go traffic, you might want to consider a GTI equipped with VW’s fantastic DSG transmission, like this one. Or a 4-door (5-door) GTI if you need to throw kids into the back.

Okay DT readers — what should Peter get?  Comments below.