Mid Week Match-Up: Cheap Car For Matthew McConaughey

Welcome to another edition of Mid Week Match-Up, where readers scour the interweb for the perfect car for some random stranger in Milwaukee who is just going to head out and buy a new Lincoln at the dealer anyway…okay, that isn’t entirely true, but today we are going to find a cheap car for Matthew McConaughey.  Why would Mr Can’tSpellHisLastNameWithoutSpellChecker only have five large to spend on a car — THAT IS NOT IMPORTANT — what is important is that we find a car that looks expensive, but is really cheap.  Budget ~$5k.

Many poor folks looking to seem well-off will lease some new BMW, but the tip off is that they’ll have the base model with limited options and leases are only a few years old…no…that isn’t the game we are playing today and leasing is for suckers.  You could also spend $5,000 on a nice boxy 80s Volvo and have a perfectly nice driver, but anytime I see a Volvo I think the owner is either (a) a professor, or (b) homeless (full disclosure, I know multiple Volvo driving professors and one Volvo driving/living/inhabiting homeless man).  What the person trying to save money, but look wealthy really needs is a depreciated high-spec luxury convertible like this 1998 Mercedes-Benz SL500 convertible offered for $4,000 in West Babylon, NY via cars.com.  It is old enough that no-one will be leasing one, but it looks like some real old school rich dude’s car. 

The R129 generation Mercedes-Benz SL was available with a variety of engines, but the basic 5.0 liter V8 version (rated at 306 horsepower) is more than adequate to impress your friends without costing much more than a transmission rebuild on a Chevy Van.  What would you recommend for Matthew?  Comments below.