Mid Week Match-Up: A Car for the Collective

Today’s Mid Week Match-Up comes from Simon who writes: We’re a group of individuals living in a family as an intentional community in central CT. Our current fleet is made up of 2x 2 door Toyota Yarides, 1x 4 door Yaris, a Honda Fit, a Subaru Forester and a 3-season Mazda Miata. So you know we love hatchbacks/wagons. We used to have a mid-2000s VW Eurovan which was awesome until it began needing expensive mechanical attention. We’re 2 adult couples with children, 1 childfree couple and two other adults. 

We find ourselves spending a lot of time scheduling car availability and coordination so a group ‘second’ car would help a lot. We need something bigger on the inside than the Fit so some of us can haul off with children for road trips*, acceptable winter handling for when the Miata is in the garage and an automatic transmission so we can all drive it. Our budget is $10,000 or under.

*my parents once packed me and my brother into a Citro├źn Saxo for a multi-day road trip and we’ve never let them forget it.

DT: What I am going to recommend is this sweet 1989 Toyota Van found here on eBay bidding for $2,120 with 5 days to go, located in Palm Desert, CA.  My first thought was with that many people, you guys need a Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon, but judging from the current fleet, it appears that fuel economy is important, so a vintage MasterAce Van will do the trick.

What do you guys recommend? Comments below.