Mid Week Match-Up: Car For A 16 Year Old Kid

Anyone who has kids has either encountered this issue or will sometime in the future — what do you let your kid drive for a first car?  This week’s Mid Week Match-Up request comes from Dee who asks DT’s help in finding a first driver for her soon-to-be 16 year old son.  His grandpa wants him to start with a 60s Beetle (like a man!) and his dad is also a car guy (had a really nice late model STI for years) but Dee isn’t quite sure she is willing to let her precious cargo drive something that was designed for 1930s life expectancy or is murderously fast.  Budget is flexible, but nothing new or that would spoil the kid. What do you guys suggest?

I’m going to go WAY into left field and suggest this 2004 Ford F-250XL Diesel standard cab pickup here on eBay offered for $6000 buy-it-now in Stongsville, OH.   Hear me out with this one — he can’t drive all of his friends around because it only has 3 seats, it has lots of crush the other guy safety weight, he can’t sneak out of the house late at night…BECAUSE GLACKITY GLAK DIESEL…it has a manual gearbox, and rear-drive to teach him the proper techniques of driving a vehicle.

What do you guys think?  Preferred area is So Cal, but right now Dee is mostly looking for ideas, so location isn’t as important as the concept.