Mid Week Match-Up: Breaking Baztek

In last week’s Mid Week Match-Up (not labeled for individual retail sale) DT’s readers helped find a car for Steve T.  The feature resulted in an impressive 35 comments and we desperately hope Steve is going to pickup that ARO 4X4, but today we are going to switch gears and find a car for a fictional character.  Walter Hartwell White is a down on his luck chemist who has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in AMC’s Breaking Bad drama series.  His Pontiac Aztek has been totaled and all he has is $5,000 from the sales of his shares of Grey Matter Technologies.  What car does Walter buy?

Personally, I think Walter should stick with what he knows and  pickup another Aztek, like this 2001 model in Orange County, CA for $3500 — and save the rest of the cash for hip clothes and chemical supplies.  What do you suggest? Comments below.