Mid Week Match-Up: Band Bus For Jim

Today’s Mid Week Match-Up is a request from Jim who writes:  I am on a band with 4 friends in the north east. we play local
shows once in a while. So far we have been getting by with a couple of
hatch backs, but now we are beginning to book tours regionally and
multiple cars are not going to cut it. We need a vehicle that will carry
a minimum of 5, bass, drums, keys guitars and amps. Room for a bed
would be a plus. It has to be reliable and mpg is important.needs
parkway windows. Could be a cargo van that we add an interior to. 10k is
our upper limit but less is more better.  I am thinking diesel van but open to creative suggestions eg limo, ambulance etc.


A few years ago the easy answer would have been to pickup an older Volkswagen Bus, but those things inexplicably cost more than many new cars, so we’ll skip to something under the $10k limit.  This 2003 Ford F-350 Super Duty Crew Cab pickup here on eBay for $8,900 buy-it-now offers ample seating for 6 and a huge rear cargo section for drums/instruments.  Slap a Bob’s Pest Control sticker on the side if you want to people to leave it alone.  It could almost pass as an Animal Control vehicle — maybe put a “danger, may contain live snakes” sticker on the back.



 What can you guys find that is a better band hauler? Comments below.