Mid Week Match-Up: $5k City Beater

The post computer age that we live in is rife with companies using semi-autonomous data systems to tailor specific advertising into your inbox.  Just today I received an electronic communication from company called Groupon (pretty sure it is pronounced grow-upon and has something to do with hydroponics) with an advertisement for a local establishment that specializes in toe-nail fungus removal.  I was shocked, horrified, humiliated.  First and foremost, I must unequivocally state that do not have toe-nail fungus.  My nail beds are free from all forms of eukaryotic organisms and furthermore I will avoid frequenting establishments where a plurality of the customers have infected toe-nails for fear of contracting said affliction.  This toe-nailcropolis should be on a shared list of places not to go, forget Yelp.com, we need a Nelp.com.  The point is that quasi-automatic harvesting of information for people on the internet is no match for a human touch, and sometimes you need real people with real brains to help out…like DT’s Mid Week Match-Up ™.  Help us find a city driver/beater for Alex V.

Alex is a regular contributor to DT and an all around great guy – but he is currently in the process of selling his M-Coupe and needs a cheap replacement. In his own words:

OK. I’m looking for an LA driver beater. Needs to have a hatch. Needs to be a stick. Needs to have better than 1hp/14lbs (i.e. 3000 lb car needs at least 215 hp). $5500 max. No Fox body Mustangs or other solid axle hillbilly fare. Japanese ok. German preferred.

So what should Alex buy?  Maybe this $3900 2003 Mercedes-Benz C230 Kompressor? Comments below.