Mid Week Match-Up: A $1K Car for Dr J

Today’s Mid Week Match-Up is a request from our friend Dr J (aka Julian) — who you may remember from his time on the DT Radio Show.  His son’s Mazda 626 just cashed in its chips for the last time, so with a healthy budget of 1,000 smackeroos and a short commute (2.5 miles), let’s help find a car for his kid (a high school senior.) in the Los Angeles area.

I found a real winner with this 1990 Buick Reatta offered for $1,300 in West Covina, CA via craigslist.  With a cash offer you could probably haggle this guy down to less than a grand and drive home with another of GM’s miserable failed attempts at making a sports luxury coupe.

What do you recommend? Comments below.