McKlein Rally Calendar: The Wider View 2017

It is almost January, so that means it is time to consider ditching your free 2016 Harbor Freight Cashier Pin-ups calendar for something a bit more tasteful. The McKlein Wider View Rally 2017 (or Rally History or Motorsport Classic or Desktop Rally Calendar) fits that need and makes a great gift for the discerning car guy.  They do cost more than the average made in Taiwan calendar you find 50% off in the mall kiosk on Jan 15th, but the McKlein calendars are printed in Europe on very quality high paper.

The McKlein Rally Calendar is a treat for any motorhead and it is an
impressive 95cm wide and 48 cm tall…that is over 3 feet wide and 1.5
feet tall in units of freedom.  It is going to look
great over the fireplace after I convince the wife to ditch the family
pics…if I want to see my family, I can just yell and they’ll
appear…sheesh.  Anyway, to get your own super-ultra-mega wide Rally
Calendar, head over to
where you will be redirected to a facebook page and the buy link is in a
“shop” box on the left.  The Wider View Rally 2017 calendar costs $90, or you can get the Rally History Group B calendar for $87, Motorsport Classic for $87 or Desktop Rally for $28 — shipping is included to the lower 48 states.

Full Disclosure: Pete from P-Sport was nice enough to send a sample McKlein Wider View Rally 2017 calendar to DT headquarters, where it will be proudly displayed next to the HF pin-up girls.