May The Eleventh Be With You: 1977 Trimuter Kit Car

I missed the May The Fourth day thing the other day and all of my Star Wars fanatics have defected to some other site like Bring a Tauntuan or WookieBarnFinds. That’s okay, because they were mostly millennials who loved the 2000s era Episodes 1,2,3 more than the original movies. Good riddance. I would say that some of them love the latest Disney Star Wars movies/shows, but nobody streams those other than bots and NPCs because they are total garbage. Anyway, if you really want to celebrate a holiday that’s as Hallmark as Mother’s Day, I guess you could enjoy this May the 4th be with you car. It looks like a Star Wars speeder and it comes from the year of the original Star Wars movie,1977. Find this 1977 Triumuter Kit Car offered for $1000 in Baltimore, MD via starcrash warbook. Tip from Cory.

From the seller:

1977 trimuter kit car never completed
Listed 28 weeks ago in Baltimore, MD
Used – Good
Date Range
Never finished don’t have the time so I’m letting it go $1,000 no title has ever been issued for it. It came set up for electric or a 22hp brigs engine but they were also done with vw engines and that was my goal but I don’t have the time
there is no motor or transmission the frame is made by trimuter there is no paperwork at all the car is older than me by a lot so I have no idea if it has all of its parts for everyone who keeps asking that.
If you would like to come look message me with your name and phone number as that is the only way I will respond from here out.

See a better way to drive like you are Boba Fett?