Mardi Grass Cutter: 1926 Ford Model T Hot Rod

Just time for Fat Tuesday: The Ford Model T hot rod is an iconic car — and not just because it revolutionized automotive production technique, but because Ford put 16 million on the road at a time when the horse was still running around and cars were things for rich people.  You don’t see many original Tin Lizzies on the road today, but you will find the occasional hot rod just looking for a few strip of road to terrorize.  Find this 1926 Ford Model T Hot Rod offered for $8,900 in Zachary, LA. Tip from Rock On!

Zachary is a small city on the eastern side of the Baton Rough parish, and is about 100 miles north of the Big Easy.  This funny looking rod is just perfect for a costume party, just make sure the driver is not getting hammered like the average Mardi Gras party goer.  

The the…errr…sky is a 425 cubic inch Cadillac V8 which should be nasty with the open headers — kudos to the builder for not just using another boring Chevy 350. 

See a better way to laissez les bons temps rouler?