Manual Trans, Free Rust: 1982 Volvo 245 Diesel Wagon

For some reason I found myself drawn to terrible old project cars today…and it took me a while before I realized the reason.  I spent most of yesterday at the LA Auto show surrounded by over-marketed advertisements for new and shiny cars…naturally I’m going to scrape the bottom of the craigslist barrel.  Find this 1982 Volvo 245 Diesel Wagon offered for $700 in Whittier, CA via craigslist.

This Volvo is a real looker…and you might think that it should be sent straight to the nearest crusher for the sake of humanity…BUT WAIT!  Not only is it a diesel title (which is the smog equivalent of a get out of jail free card in California)  but it also has a manual gearbox.  This thing is ready for your LS1, Ford 5.0, Cummins 4BT, or Pratt & Whitney R-4360 4-row radial engine.

See a better project car to rot in your driveway?