Manifesto: 1992 Honda Civic VX EG Hatch

This is one of those listings where you’ve got to wonder what is going on. Ignore the fact that the seller is asking an astronomical amount of money for a Civic hatchback with it’s engine removed, but let’s focus on the bulk of the seller’s manifesto, which starts innocently enough with an 1892 land patent and that little yellow fire plug in the background of the photo. The rest is something you’ll have to read yourself to understand. Find this 1992 Honda Civic VX EG Hatchback offered for $14,569 in the wilds of Bremerton, WA via craigslist. Tip from Peakay.

From the seller:

1992 honda civic hatchback
condition: excellent
cylinders: 4 cylinders
drive: fwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 266000
paint color: blue
size: compact
title status: clean
transmission: manual
type: hatchback
The future ain’t what it used to be.

I have an interesting restoration project that has become less important recently: a 1992 Honda Civic VX. Car is completely straight and re-painted night mist blue. The stock 13″ VX wheels are color-keyed. The interior has been taken apart to accomodate a new (improved) dash panel. Interior seats are excellent, and taken from a ’92-95 Si Hatchback. The motor has been disassembled, cylinders honed. New Bosch 5-wire O2 sensor, distributor, and gaskets. A spare cylinder head is also included. Clear title and no rust whatsoever.

For those with an inclination towards action, during the past five years I’ve spent thousands of hours preparing for the emergence of the West Columbia District within the city of Bremerton. My work is based on an 1892 United States land patent, and officially declared during an appearance at a federal court in Portland (2019). Preceeding that appearance, great pains were taken to assure that my legal standing was firm. Immediately after that hearing, I motioned the city of Bremerton for water rights and transit fees, as they were untitled and, subject to as such under case law. The city declined and I immediately began removing water from a hydrant located on my front lawn. I also removed a water lock from a line meter nearby which serves my residence. The city was infuriated and filed a criminal complaint against me in late 2019.

As a self-defended individual (pro se), the city’s first move in pre-trial hearings was to stipulate that I could not defend myself by citing predominance of the land patent. That move stalled on my objections. Soon thereafter (March 2020) a pandemic was declared by Washington governor Jay Inslee. The court moved to restrict my right to a jury trial, which I objected to. Since that point, there have been numerous hearings in which the court has attempted to impose mask, vaccine (so-called), and partitioning between jurors and myself. I have warned them that, without supporting evidence, their moves paint themselves as seditionists (under title 18 USC). I have also discovered that, between judges, no one seems to know any methodology that supports their own standing on “rules”.

As this pandemic ensues, they are complacent enough to assume I will walk away quietly into prison. Nothing could be further from the truth. Their methods have been carefully conscripted for decades to ensure that no recourse will be possible. At this point I have turned to the U.S. State department, through an intercessor, in order to acquire a diplomatic passport. As a man of faith, I am certain to prevail.

Bremerton is the most strategically important city in America. It hosts a bevy of dry docks, the only ones on the West Coast, capable of holding any aircraft carrier. Due to the impending naval war between the US and China (both orchestrated by Great Britain), any sinking or damage to these vessels will result in a collapse of the U.S. treasury bond complex (derivatives and forex market). We, as a people, sit at the precipice of opportunity.

My own mechanic skills have taken a back seat, however my work is notorious enough to garner consideration. When I prevail, Bremerton will be at a national forefront. This sale is your opportunity to own a piece of that history.

In addition, I have taken great measure to employ my own invention, based on fourth phase water (look it up), which removes any necrotic casting residues from its surfaces. By doing so, the electronics and contacts become super-conductive, thereby improving the vehicle’s power and fuel economy. In 1993, Motor Trend logged over 63 mpg in one of these cars. With my detailing, I believe 70+ miles per gallon is possible. This makes the Civic VX the cheapest passenger seat mile car ever produced. You’ll revel in passing by each gas station!

A lifetime supply of my invention, which I dub “endochromatic cleanser”, is included with your purchase.

Thank you

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