Mamma Mia! 1927 Ford Model T “Bucket” Alfa V6

There are a few vehicles that should be on every gearhead’s bucket list, one is a Model T based “T-bucket,” and the other is something powered by a free revving Italian engine — now imagine my surprise when I was tipped on a car that hit both of those targets with one tidy package.  Find this 1927 Ford Model T “Bucket” offered for $18,000 in San Jose, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Chris.

The reason why you see so many Model T based rods at car shows is because Henry Ford built millions of them in the Oughts, Teens, and Twenties — 16.5 million to be precise from a network of over 25 assembly plants in places like Cleveland, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, and Yokohama.  You can find a stock or stockish Model T, but driving one on a modern street would be a chore — however, plenty have been upgraded with “modern” performance.

Under the hood... up front is a small block Chevy V8…which looks sorta strange, we’re gonna need a closer look.  Does it say Alfa RomeRo on the valve covers?   This must be some kind of custom setup —wait a minute…it’s a V6.  Must be a 3800 Buick V6…nope.  Overhead cams?  What kind of trickery do we have here?

Ladies and Germans…what we’re lookin’ at ‘ere is a gen-u-ine Alfa Romeo V6 taken from a GTV6 or Milano.  Those Italian cars would have used a rear mounted transaxle, and judging by the odd shifter location, we might be looking at a transaxle equipped T-Bucket. Strictly speaking, this T is done in a more modern hot rod style (the stereotypical “bucket” rods usually have tall stock T windshields and incredibly wide rear tires) but this is a good candidate for flame abatement and application of a more tasteful paint job…and wheels. Someone please kill those hideous billet wheels.

 See another Italian-American?