M-Sport Manual: 2002 BMW 540i

Few cars offer as much value (pound for pound…or kilo for kilo) as the E39 generation BMW 540i (1994-2003) with 6-speed manual gearbox. It is the middleweight of sports sedans, and one minute it is a mild mannered scientists, but get it upset and the beast from within beats pavement and rear tires with equal aplomb. Find this 2002 BMW 540i offered for $8998 in Katy, TX via craigslist. Tip from Jeff.

 From the seller:

SCAMMERS, SOLICITORS READ THIS FIRST: I don’t need your services, whatever they are. I have the internet and people that work for me. If I want something, I do my own research and contact you, not the other way around. I charge $500 for listening to your BS (5 minute pitch maximum), so be prepared to provide payment details to me before calling. 

ACTUAL BUYERS: Please read full post before calling: 

Selling my favorite BMW. Purchased in 2006, two previous owners I believe. Have had this car as a weekend ride for over 11 years! This was the second last year of the E39 540 series before the newer (uglier and less reliable) model. See full spec sheet attached for details. Highlights include: full leather interior in exemplary shape, six speed manual transmission (awesome!!), upgraded Bluetooth pairing for all your devices controllable from steering wheel controls (BavSound), OBX stainless cat back exhaust (sounds fantastic but won’t drive you crazy), upgraded CAI with stainless intake tube, upgraded LED angel eyes, upgraded E60 550 19′ wheels (9.5rr, 8.5fr) with H&R spacers and adapters on runflats, and probably lots more you’ll have to see. 

I imported this car from Canada (where it was a summer vehicle, always garaged as it was here, no rust, don’t worry!). I changed the instrument cluster over to the US spec, so it is only four years old and the pixel display is in perfect shape. Done by BMW service center and re-calibrated for mileage (you can spot the fakers with the integrated BMW light on the dash). As an N/A spec it comes with the cold weather package that has some neat features not found on the models here. Receipts and records going back 11 years. 

This car comes in beautiful Topasblau metallic paint. Deep rich blue that is extremely rare in this model. Paint is pretty good for the age, but does need a respray on the hood where the old 3M protection was removed (adhesive was pealing and wanted to replace but never got around to it). Interior is Standard Leder Swartz, in immaculate shape, deep and rich black leather. Carpeting is all black in excellent shape, and the wood trim still looks awesome, but is faintly cracked in a couple places. 

As the M-Sport, this vehicle came with the M5 sport suspension, full function M steering wheel, M aerodynamics package and blackout window trim. Kidney grills have been replaced with the blackouts that look so awesome. HIDs changed to 6000k blue. 

Looks and sounds awesome, unique color, and great shape. Just inspected and has current Texas tags etc. Ready to roll to a new enthusiast. BMW enthusiast owned, includes Bentley service manuals and a few spare parts. Can talk new owner through the particulars. PPI welcome at C&B Auto in Katy. I’ll drive it there and back at pre-arranged time (you pay for the inspection). Lots of work done over the years, but I have to say this is the most reliable car I’ve ever owned! 

The bad: full disclosure here – the windshield is cracked. I have gotten used to it, but you may want to replace it. Runs about $500. The wheels came from a 550, but do have some curbing damage and one has a slight wobble to it… Again I don’t notice it anymore, but you may want to have straightened or change back to the original rims (not included). It has runflats, but this model did not have integrated sensors, so you actually have to check the PSI from time to time! Has some oil seepage around the heads as the M62 is known for, but does not burn any or leak any on the ground… you can see my garage when you come by. The “check coolant light” comes on regularly. Needs new reservoir or sensor. These are about $200 bucks. Coolant level is good, but the float has lost its floatiness… and sinks like you’re low on coolant. The front tow hook bumper cover is missing, I took it out to attach the front plate, and lost it like a fool. Took off the front plate as the police don’t seem to mind. I have ordered a primed one that should be here soon. 

I have taken the minor deficiencies noted above into the price. This is not some shitty 528 with 200K on it, so don’t try to come with the $3000 price in mind. If you don’t know how to drive a stick please don’t call me. If you are just starting to shop for these 540 Ms, go to a dealership for test drives and burnouts. Then come to see mine. I’m busy and so are you, let’s not waste each other’s time. I don’t need the money to pay the rent or buy food, so while I am open to respectful negotiation in person, I don’t entertain lowballs. Once we mutually agree on a price, it will be payable in CASH, and we can go to the DMV for the title transfer. 

Email return to this add, text or call to arrange a viewing: eight three 2 , seven o 1, seven five 6 eight. If add is posted, it is still for sale. Sometimes I am out of town, so may take a minute to get back to you.

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