Lowered Have Mercy – 1956 Studebaker Champion

We all love a good bargain around here and most of us probably adore orphan American cars. Luckily, those two paths cross quite frequently but rarely with something that oozes so much cool. Yes, the final iteration of the Champion was mind-numbingly conventional for Studebaker in the day but today it’s a different story. Find this 1956 Studebaker Champion for sale in Portland, OR for $3,500 via craigslist.

The final generation of the Studebaker Champion, debuting in ’56, was a bit of a letdown stylistically when compared to its sleek and innovated forebears. Studebaker had gone a much more ho-hum route when penning the lines, giving the car a much more traditional American 50’s look. On another note, the seller is clearly one of our people. Look at that W124 and notch ‘Stang in the background, as well as the Audi Allroad parked behind the Stude. And he’s moved into a neighborhood surrounded by his own tribe. Truly a man of taste and character.

Though there are no motor pics, the car is equipped with the 185 cubic inch flathead six making only around 100hp. No matter, the flathead six would continue to run (and make very little power or noise) no matter what you threw at it or how hard you drove it. The mild drop on the Champ looks stellar and the long ownership history makes this car even more attractive.

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Matt is currently ‘that neighbor’ with a yard full of early Broncos, Toyotas, Lexi, Holdens, and Falcons in downtown Charleston, South Carolina.