Low Mile Survivor: 1996 Lexus LS400

The 2nd generation XF20 (1994-1997) Lexus LS was everything you’d want in a German executive cruiser, but with Japanese sensibility and reliability.  There was no option for a 5-speed manual gearbox, but it wouldn’t ravage your savings in expensive parts repairs or lull you into thinking your car was sporty.  Find this 1996 Lexus LS400 offered for $7,200 near Raleigh, NC via craigslist. Tip from August.

Where the BMW whispers into your ear that you are faster than everyone else on the road, and the Mercedes-Benz tells you that you are better that everyone else…the Lexus reminds you to wave at the broken down German cars and enjoy the day.  The driving experience will be similar to riding a train, but do you really want a roller coaster on the way to work?

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